Baked With Love Baking Cups -PINK - Κυπελάκια Ψησίματος Ροζ 24 τεμ

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Φτιαγμένες από ειδικό ανθεκτικό χαρτί με αντικολλητικές ιδιότητες, διατηρούν το χρώμα και μετά το ψήσιμο.

Ιδανικές για cupcakes και muffins.

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These charming Pink Baking Cups are made from a heavy duty paper with a greaseproof finish, which helps them to maintain as much colour as possible through the baking process.

The base of each Baking Case is 60mm in diameter, making them great for cupcakes and ideal wedding favour ideas. There are 24 cases in each pack.

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