FMM Flower Cutters -THE EASIEST PEONY & LEAF - Σετ 3τεμ κουπ πατ Παιωνία & Φύλλο

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Σετ με 3 κουπ πατ για να δημιουργήσετε παιώνιες και τα φύλλα τους σε 3 διαφορετικά μεγέθη.

Creating beautiful peony decorations has never been so easy with the Easiest Peony Cutter from FMM!

The set contains both large and small petal cutters as well as a leaf cutter to add the perfect finishing touch. Different sizes of peonies can be achieved by simply adding more petals, giving sugarcrafters of all skill levels a quick and easy way to decorate cakes and cupcakes of all sizes.

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