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FunCakes Sphere Cake Dummy 3εκ 3τμχ - Φελιζόλ Σφαίρα μικρό

^^^ F82325
Σε στοκ
Λεπτομέρειες Προϊόντος

Φελιζόλ σε σχήμα σφαίρας διαμέτρου 3εκ, 3 τεμάχια

100% ανακυκλώσιμο

With this Sphere Cake Dummy of FunCakes you can top your display cakes in style. Can also be used to make a large display cake pop. The dummy can be painted using lustre dusts or paint or iced using different mediums like sugar paste, buttercream and royal icing. The Sphere Cake Dummy can also be dipped in melted FunCakes Deco Melts for a quick and easy decoration on your cake.

  • Display cakes in style with the FunCakes Sphere Cake Dummy.
  • Made of high quality polystyrene. 100% recyclable EPS, CFK and HBCD free.
  • Before re-use, clean the dummy with warm water.
  • Size: Ø3 cm.
  • Content: 3 pieces.
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