Halo Sprinkles -3 WISHES 125γρ - Μείγμα Ζαχαρωτών 'Ευχές'

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Πέρλες, κονφετί, κας-κας, τρούφα και ράβδοι αποτελούν το υπέροχο αυτό μείγμα ζαχαρωτών για να διακοσμήσετε τα γλυκά σας!

Your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cakey creations deserve the best, & Halo Sprinkles is the answer! Our luxury sprinkle mixes are carefully blended with attention to detail, and a show-stopping bake in mind. Created by cakers for cakers.

Not suitable for young children.
Please note that our blends may vary from batch to batch, colours may vary and ratios of types of sprinkles.

The weight of the product may vary slightly, you will receive a tub of sprinkles as pictured.

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