Happy Sprinkles Mix -BANANA SPLIT 90g - Μείγμα Ζαχαρωτών σε Κίτρινες και Ροζ Αποχρώσεις

Κωδικός προϊόντος HS9645
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Μείγμα ζαχαρωτών με μικρές ζαχαρωτές μπανάνες, ροζ σοκολατένιες πέρλες, ροζ και μαύρη τρούφα, λευκό κας-κας και κίτρινες ράβδους για να διακοσμήσετε τα εξωτικά γλυκά σας!

Banana Split is only available at the ice cream parlour? No way! With this mix you can turn any ice cream into your own banana split in no time! But this sprinkle mix is not only great on ice cream. The large pink chocolate balls together with the light yellow sugar sticks are already eye-catching, but the small chocolate pieces and bananas with banana flavouring give the mix just the right taste! Topped off with numerous colourful and white sugar sprinkles, we are simply in love with this mix and would love to sprinkle bananas on everything! 🍌

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