Happy Sprinkles Mix -TUTTI FRUTTI 90g - Μείγμα Ζαχαρωτών Διάφορα Φρούτα σε Έντονες Αποχρώσεις

Κωδικός προϊόντος HS9650
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Μείγμα ζαχαρωτών που περιλαμβάνει ζαχαρωτά ανανάδες, βατόμουρα, μπανάνες, λεμονάκια, πέρλες, ράβδους και τρίγωνα

Summer is finally here and it's COLOURFUL 😍 With Tutti Frutti you are perfectly equipped to pimp your baked goods in a colourful and above all tasty way! That's right, this sprinkle mix has flavour! In addition to banana flavour, you can expect fruity lemon flavour and tropical coconut flakes. Paired with pink chocolate balls, sweet strawberry motifs and summery sugar sticks and triangles, you'll have the ultimate sprinkle mix for summer in no time! Perfect as sprinkle decoration for ice cream, cupcakes, cakes or other desserts - the possibilities are endless! 🍓🍋🍌🍍🥥

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