Karen Davies Silicone Mould - SPACE -Καλούπι Σιλικόνης Διάστημα

Κωδικός προϊόντος ^ KD814
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The Karen Davies Space Mould is perfect to create space themed decorations such as rocket, alien, astronaut and planet. Great for decorating themed cakes and cupcakes. You can also use the mold for making cookies.

The Karen Davies mould is very detailed, flexible and made of high quality silicon.

Instructions: Knead your marzipan or fondant well. Mix the fondant if necessary with some tylo powder. Make a ball and press the marzipan or fondant from inside to outside well into the mould. Remove the shape from the mould. If necessary, the mould powder with a little corn starch in advance what the fondant/marzipan easier to solve.

Wash and thoroughly dry your mould before use.

Size mold: approx. 21 x 12 cm.

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