Katy Sue Silicone Embossing Mat -CONTINUOUS HONEYCOMB & BEES - Πατάκι Σιλικόνης Κυψέλη και Μέλισσες

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Ιδανικό καλούπι σιλικόνης για να αποδώσει την όψη της κυψέλης

Κυψέλη: 13.5εκ x 12.3εκ
Μέλισσες: 3εκ x 2.5εκ

Bee inspired by this brand new honeycomb mould from Katy Sue.

This mould is perfect for using with some of this year’s hottest cake decorating trends, especially with the spring and summer months almost upon us.

You could use this mould on a whole host of possible cake and craft projects! You could decorate a fault line cake, uncovering the hexagon hive pattern underneath. Or alternatively, couple the bees up with our Flower Pro range to create a realistic spring day. If cupcakes are more your thing you could use the bees as cute central points hovering on top.

The mould can be used with: sugarpaste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar and many non-edible mediums such as: air drying clay, polymer clay, resin, soap, and wax.

Dishwasher safe, and can withstand temperatures of up to 200°c.

For best results, lightly dust with corn flour to ease release. Use a flat firm surface to push in a smooth ball of paste. Press paste evenly and firmly into mould without overfilling. Use a rolling pin and apply even pressure to ensure all areas are full and the base is flat. Scrape away any excess paste then push paste away from the edges so that paste embellishment has a clean release.

Approximate Measurements:
Honeycomb: 135mm x 123mm
Bees: 30mm x 25mm

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