Make Your Own Molds Silicone Plastique Putty Mould Making Kit 200γρ - Σιλικόνη για Κατασκευή Καλουπιού

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Silicone Plastique is a unique, food grade silicone mould making putty, which allows you to craft high quality, heat-resistant moulds of almost

any object imaginable. It's consistency is similar to that of clay, and comes in two parts. When these are mixed together, start the mould

curing process. Making silicone moulds used to be a difficult and long-winded task, but now this can be achieved in as little as 90 minutes from start to finish! As such, Silicone Plastique has quickly established itself as a very popular product for both home users, and commercial bakers, and therefore has almost limitless reselling options. Silicone Plastique can make moulds for use with a huge variety of materials, both edible and non-edible. Examples are chocolate, fondant, isomalt, gumpaste and much more! The durometer (shore strength) of Silicone Plastique is 35. The finished mould is heat-resistant to 230°C, and can be frozen without losing flexibility.


  1. Mix equal amounts of Part A (blue) and Part B (white) measured by either weight or volume.
  2. Mix these together, kneading thoroughly until a uniform colour is achieved.
  3. Silicone Plastique has a work time, once mixed, of around 10 minutes. Work this around the object you're looking to make a mould of, pressing the detail into the Silicone Plastique.
  4. The cure time, at room temperature is approximately an hour. It should be fully cured before removing the item you used. Once cured, the mould will be firm, with a "springy" feel and ready to use.
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