Masonite Cake Board ROUND 30εκ (12'') -GRASS EFFECT - Βάση τούρτας από τυπωμένο ξύλο με εφέ γρασιδιού

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Βάση τούρτας μεζονίτης με εφέ γρασιδιού

Αυτές οι βάσεις είναι ισχυρές και ανθεκτικές, καθιστώντας τις ικανές να υποστηρίξουν ένα μεγάλο βάρος. Μπορούν ακόμη και να καθαριστούν και να ξαναχρησιμοποιηθούν, καθιστώντας τους μια εξαιρετικά οικονομική και αποτελεσματική επιλογή.

6mm thick

It's not all about the cake!

Finish your cake masterpieces off perfectly by presenting them on one of our fabulous masonite boards.

This grass effect masonite board creates the illusion of grass underneath your cake design - a unique and quirky finish to endless cake designs - especially when they deserve so much more than standard silver foil finishes.

This board could be the pièce de résistance for birthdays, novelty cakes, Easter cakes, summer themes and and so much more.

Measuring 6mm thick, these boards are strong and sturdy, making them able to support substantial weight. They can even be wiped clean and used again, making them a super cost-effective choice as well as practical.

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